August 26, 2016

ANEC Releases Bilingual “Let's Chat” Book

In 2015 the Armenian National Education Committee (ANEC) released a series of four full-color handouts, “Let’s Chat,” written in Armenian (both in Armenian and Latin script) and English, intended as an aide for the teaching of Armenian as a second language. The premise of the texts was to bring together some of the core vocabulary needed for an elementary conversation, fleshed out with appropriate short dialogues. The series was very well-received by the schools under the jurisdiction of ANEC and quickly went out-of-print.
Encouraged by the success of this endeavor, ANEC undertook the preparation of a 24-page booklet along the same premises, incorporating and updating the material of the handouts, and including new material under the following titles: “Meet and Greet,” “Mood,” “What’s Going On,” “Greetings,” “Congratulations,” “Courtesy,” “Who and Where,” “Numbers,” “Age,” “Time,” “Days of the Week,” “Seasons of the Year,” “Months,” “Time Information,” “Questions,” “Expressions,” “Weather,” “Comprehension,” “Directions,” “Location,” “Home,” “Parts of the Body,” “Colors,” “Travel.”
“While ‘Let’s Chat’ is primarily classroom material, it can also be used as a phrase book,” Dr. Vartan Matiossian, ANEC Executive Director, remarked. “We have tried to offer material that is both linguistically accurate and visually enticing for the learner. Although the main target is an Armenian as a second language class, the booklet can be also helpful in other environments.”
“Let’s Chat” has been published thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Aram and Mrs. Seta Semerdjian. ANEC is currently working in the preparation of a follow-up, as well as on an introductory text on Armenian history.
Copies of “Let’s Chat” may be ordered through the Armenian Prelacy bookstore by contacting the Bookstore by email ( or phone (212-689-7810). The price is $10 plus shipping and handling.

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